Starter Guide to Laser Fat Reduction

Whenever patients go for laser fat removal — an updated process of weight reduction and body sculpting — they can look forward to a lot of benefits. From faster recovery to tighter skin, they are sure to enjoy all the advantages this procedure offers over old-fashioned liposuction.

How It Works

Your lower body fat cells are punctured with the use of lasers, after which they deflate. After the procedure, your body still keeps those fat cells, but now, they will be smaller. After a while, they will leak into your interstitial fluid and are flushed out.

Ideal Candidates

A good candidate for laser fat reduction is someone who doesn’t have much weight to lose but is only concerned about specific problem areas, like the waist,  thighs or hips. As well, you need to have enough time to devote to weekly sessions for a number of weeks. As you might expect, laser fat reduction treatment is contraindicated for women who are pregnant or trying to be pregnant, and also for those who have pacemakers. Remember too that the procedure will not correct any existing metabolic or hormonal irregularities that may have contributed to the excess weight, so you have to visit your physician first. Open this page for more info on laser fat removal:

Benefits of Laser Fat Removal

Minimally Invasive 

Compared to traditional liposuction, body laser fat removal is way less invasive. With the old method, big tubes have to be used to suck out fat from various parts of the body, leading to pain and bruising. However, with laser fat reduction, the doctor only makes a tiny incision through which the laser cannula can enter and reach the fat. As the fat cells liquefy, blood coagulation and bleeding prevention is also encouraged by the laser. This and more make laser fat removal a very convenient method of body sculpting.

Speedy Treatment and Recovery

As laser fat reduction is a quick and minimally invasive method, recovery time is just as fast. This treatment can even be done at lunch hour or before a long weekend, causing very little pain or discomfort, if any. Although several sessions are needed, they can continue with daily routines can continue. This is very important, considering how busy everyone is nowadays.

A More Sculpted Result 

Finally, with traditional fat reduction, patients typically deal with sagging skin in the areas where fat was taken out. Laser fat removal, however, gives a tighter and more sculpted result, owing to the laser helping increase collagen synthesis and tissue coagulation.

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